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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

The Bear's Lair

I remember the Bear's Lair of years past. You could walk in there and buy a 24 oz. Coca Cola cup full of Budweiser/Coors for about $3. Given they served it in an opaque soda pop cup, just ask and a lid/straw was yours, people would drink them all over lower sproul plaza and have a jolly good time. I remember times when the whole plaza was full of people. The gated area behind the Bear's Lair, now a food area, was fully available for hanging out as well.

Things have changed. The brothers that started Jupiter and Triple Rock bought the Bear's Lair and created a pub with pizza and various bar foods. No more opaque cups. No more drinking anywhere you like - it's all in an enclosed area.

This is okay though. I like the new Bear's Lair. You can still sit outside in the Sun. You can watch it set behind Zellerbach hall.

They still have some of the best beer deals in this town. A pint of a Jupiter microbrew is $3, quarts are $5, and pitchers are $10 - you don't find deals like this very often.

On Friday's they have a great deal - from 4-5 pitchers are $5, from 5-6 pitchers are $6, from 6-7 - $7, and from 7 until close they're $8. You won't find this pricing anywhere else (of course a convenience store and an alley, or home if you're not a risk taker, will beat any pricing).

I drink the Golden Ale quite a bit. A nice crisp beer with a light golden hue. It's only 5% so you won't be crawling home at the end of the night.

They have a web site here.



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