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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Le Petit Cheval - Good, affordable, food!

I've been eating at Le Petit Cheval for quite a while now. Yum!

They're owned by the same people that run the other Le Cheval restaurants. All Le Cheval's feature vietnamese cuisine. The other two Le Cheval's are well reviewed sit down restaraunts that feature superb cuisine. In an attempt to cater to students they opened Le Petit Cheval in Berkeley.

At Le Petit Cheval, for $5.50 you can chose 3 items from within a hot tray as well as white rice or chow mein. You will be very filled with this $5 plate - no doubt about it! The great thing is that it is not your standard one dollar chinese - not even close! Instead they feature food that's several notches up from the standard dollar chinese fair. They cater quite well to all the Berkeley vegetarians as they usually have a half dozen vegetarian dishes. Some of the other foods they feautre include a delicious curry chicken, lemon grass chicken, beef stew, beef black bean sauce, and great garlic green beans.

They also feature a very nice a la carte menu with various soups, salads, vietnamese sandwiches, hot plates, etc.

I don't always have a lot of money to spend on meals so I've been eating at this place on and off for years. I haven't grown tired of it. I'm going to be eating there in just a few minutes. Yum!

You can find Le Petit Cheval at the corner of Bancroft and Bowditch. Hope to see you there!


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