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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Really good sausages

I love to Barbeque. My friends love to Barbeque. We love to get together eat a lot of meat, drink wine/beer, and talk in to the evening. Their is really nothing better then this in life.

One of my favorite contributions has been sausages from Swan's Marketplace ( in Old Oakland (1 block off Broadway at 9th and Washington). Inside of this market, also called The Housewive's Market, is a store called Taylor's Sausages. Their are also a number of other very affordable meat markets within the Housewive's market.

Taylor's Sausages sells freshly made sausages at very good prices. Try 3.75 a pound!

So far, my our favorite sausages from Taylor's are the Boudin. A Boudin is a Portuguese/Brazillian style sausage made from Pork and white rice. The white rice has the wonderful effect of lightening up the normal heaviness of a 100% pork sausage. The result is a very light, fluffy and extremely delicious sausage. I like both the hot and mild versions of this sausage. The mild version has a more delicate spicing that is very good. The hot version seems to be slightly overwhelmed by the Cayenne but is also quite delicious.

Taylor's also makes Cajun turkey sausages that are also quite delicious. They have a breakfast sausage that I can't wait to try (philipino style).

Honestly, every thing I've tried from Taylor's I love and everyone at the BBQ's gives them two thumbs up - the fact they disappear in moments is the best review ;-). I intend to shop their again this weekend for an upcoming Barbeque.

We've mostly been Q'ing on Mesquite charcoal and Apple wood. We have just enough mesquite to add some of that delicious flavor and quite a bit of apple wood. Talk about a delicious cooking fire! YUM!!!!


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