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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Wine Tasting at Kermit Lynch

Four times a year Kermit Lynch Wine Merchant has a wine tasting.

This Saturday, August 27th, they're having the next one featuring wines of Provence. They usually have 5 or 6 different wines at the tastings and they're all quite tasty.

They offer free small tasters. Then, most people go ahead and purchase a glass of wine - usually $4-6. They also have food that they're offering. The food is a bit on the higher end - last year was an albacore sandwich that rang in around $14.

I really recommend siging up for the Kermit Lynch newsletter mailing list. Kermit still writes a great deal of the newsletter himself.

I'll be there this year and I know it's going to be a great event. They always have a lot of people come out for it. I'm really looking forward to this one. Afterwords, my friends and I will be BBQ'ing up a storm.. yum!

A little history.

Kermit Lynch started going to France in the 60-70's. He was one of the first pioneers to bring non-filtered french wines in to America. He was one of the first to refrigerate the wine as it was brought through the Panama Canal (prior to this, it the wine would be cooked by the temp. at the equator).

Prior to the vision of these pioneers wine was filtered and wasn't the greatest tasting. Thank you to Kermit Lynch for bringing us in to an era of very tasty and full wines.


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