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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Peet's Coffee just off of Telegraph Ave.

Yep... We now have a Peet's coffee within a block of the main strip of Telegraph Ave.

It's located on Bowditch. It's located between Haste and Channing in "The Den" - a big student food complex.

They're open until 12:30 AM many nights. I don't think any of the Peet's I have been to are open this late.

This does have more of the feeling of being a franchise. The employees are different from the ones you might encounter at another Peet's.

You want to be careful about going to this one at noon on a school day. It will be very crowded. Any other time of the day and it works pretty well! Especially if you're a house coffee drinker, like I am, you'll get through the lines in no time (as most people seem to order 'special' espresso based drinks).

All and all, it's a very good spot. The coffee is definitely Peet's and if you're in the location you can't beat the ease of getting there. It's only 3 blocks for me.. the closest cup of coffee in town now and one of the best!


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