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Friday, October 28, 2005

Day of the Dead is this Tuesday! Mission District, SF, Nov. 2nd

The Day of the Dead is upon us.

As usual, their will be a Day of the Dead parade happening in the Mission district of San Francisco. Every year they have a parade/procession that starts at approximately 7PM. It begins around 24th and Bryant, travels along 25th, and ultimately ends up at Garfield Park.

Prior to the event their will be events happening at the Mission Cultural Center and Garfield Park. Garfield Park always has a bunch of alters that are set up during the day by various volunteers. When you arrive there in the evening, after the procession, the alters have many candles lit and it's a very beautiful site.

You can expect about 10,000 people at the procession. Their will be numerous musical groups on the parade; typically percussion groups. Usually the theme at the parade is one of skeletons and the feeling is of honoring those that have passed before us.

It always has a great feeling. I go to this almost every year and I can't recommend it enough!

I'll be with Hadley Louden and friends singing/playing traditional songs/chants for Oya (the goddess of the cemetary in African diaspora). After the parade we gather up in the park and continue singing songs for Oya through the evening.

Here's a link with more information about Day of the Dead in the San Francisco Mission District.


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