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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

TGI's Sushi in Berkeley


It's been a while since I posted. Time to start again!

We've been going to TGI's Sushi on University Ave (just below Shattuck) for a few months now.

A few reasons why:

The rolls are large. Some people when they've reviewed TGI's pan the size of the rolls - they can't get them in their mouth, etc. For me, a large roll equals more fish - yes, you definitely get more fish, they do not skimp at TGI's!

They have very creative rolls. They've moved beyond the average sushi place and have some pretty interesting and very good rolls. I love all of the 'lovers' rolls - they're double rolls - for example a salmon lover has salmon/avocado inside and salmon on the outside. I also really like their california deluxe - unagi on top of a california roll. They have a large, eclectic, variety of rolls and a lot of them are quite good.

They're open late. Most sushi places in Berkeley and on Solano close at 9-9:30. TGI's is open most days until 10 or later.

Fast service. When we order there the food comes out within 10-15 minutes. Not bad considering we order a minimum of 6 rolls at a time.

BTW: in case you're wondering TGI's = The Greatest Investment is Sushi. Cheers to that!



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