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Monday, November 02, 2009

Cafe Cacao in Berkeley

If you want a wonderful Mocha there's nothing better then a Mocha made with Scharffen Berger chocolate. I just had one and they are amazing. They're very chocolaty, delicious, yummyness. I also had a Grilled Portobello burger and it was quite good as well. They do a great job cooking the Portobello and they put on a some other very nice tasting marinated vegetables.

On weekends they have a bottomless mimosa for 12 bucks, seems like a nice place to get your buzz on.

This is one of very wifi cafes in West Berkeley. It's very fast and great reception throughout the whole cafe. If you want to enjoy a nice day working from a cafe this is a very nice one with excellent food. They're right next door to the new Berkeley Bowl in West Berkeley (I'll be writing about them soon).

Check out more about Cafe Cacao in West Berkeley.

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