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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Missouri Lounge - Berkeley

For many years I called this the "misery lounge". It was the place that was open at 6am and closed by noon. It was frequented by the major alcoholics that were there at 6am so they wouldn't have to start withdrawing from the night before. I'd say "misery lounge" was a very fitting name, to say the least.

Then I left town for a couple years and came back. What do I find? It turns out that this has exceeded what I considered to be the better hang out spots around B-Town and turned itself in to what is likely the best bar in all of Berkeley.

They've got food in back, I never tried it. They let you smoke back there, which I assume is one of the larger appeals of the place. Many of the other places with outdoor patios won't let you smoke there. They have a pool table inside, they have $4 IPA's on tap, cans of PBR if you want the cheap stuff, shot and a can of beer specials, and lots of other things.

They have DJ's and open mikes, the weekends tend to be good fun there. Very nice mix of people usually.

You can read more about Missouri Lounge on Yelp. They have 130 reviews so far (a good sign in itself).

They also have a very basic website up with an up-to-date events page. Check out the Missouri Lounge website!

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