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Miscellaneous Cuban Drumming CD's

Welcome to Drumming Net's shopping area for misc. Cuban Drummers. I have a lot of good albums in here from people who only have one or two albums out - thus, they don't warrant having a whole section. Check these out.. they're a bunch of winners.

If there is anything special you would like to purchase send us an email and we'll add it ASAP..

Miscellaneous Cuban Drumming Albums

Papo Angarica: Fundamento Yoruba, Vol. 1
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Papo Angarica: Fundamento Yoruba, Vol. 1

An album featuring lots of Orisha/Santaria music. Includes music for most of the orishas in the Santaria pantheon. If you love this music you'll enjoy this album.

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Los Munequitos : Oyelos de Nuevo Rumba, Columbia, Afrocuba, Afro Cuba, Guaguanco mantancero
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Afro-Cuba: A Musical Anthology

This album features a great variety of different cuban drumming music. From Bata, to rumba, to comparsa, this one has quite a lot to listen to. The Oyelos de Nueveo by Los Muñequitos on this album is off the hook, it's got some great bata drumming, some very interesting comparsas. All and all I'm very happy to own this album

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(some sample audio files available)

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